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Ozzy Osbourne & Rob Zombie @ The Rabobank Arena, Bakersfield CA 11/26/07

Rob Zombie stole the damn show, hands down, without a doubt. His set was more entertaining, he brought his “A” game and slayed the Bako crowd. The man reminds me so much of Alice Cooper: the theatrics, the metal, the fun, and the fans truly got a spectacle and not just another rock show. It was a shock to hear that this show would be coming to the valley, let alone Bakersfield…and no offense to the Bakersfield community, but that market is so much more secondary than the Fresno market! Anyhow, Rob said hello to the crowd and made us feel just as worthy as the LA and Oakland fans. He said something along the lines of “You know someone apologized to me for having to play Bakersfield. I said apologize for what?” The band was tight, the show was well executed, and Rob was an awesome performer during the entire set. Cool little footnote. John 5 on guitar snuck in the intro to Skynyrd’s “Sweet Home Alabama” and the band jumped in for the first few bars. The crowd picked up the first verse of “Big wheels keep on turnin” and then the band stopped. That came out of nowhere but it was cool nonetheless.

Rob’s set: 

Sawdust in the Blood
American Witch
Demon Speeding
Living Dead Girl
More Human Than Human
House of 1000 Corpses
Let It All Bleed Out
Never Gonna Stop
Thunder Kiss ’65
The Devil’s Rejects

Ozzy’s set began and after what seemed like a lengthy wait. Rob Zombie had the crowd pumped and we eagerly awaited The Prince of Darkness. He came on stage and the first words out of his mouth were “I can’t fucking hear yooouuu!” The crowd cheered and the set began. It was awesome to see the man in the flesh. He didn’t move around too much and it was obvious to me that there was some “help” on the vocals, but it didn’t matter: it was still Ozzy. It was even cooler to see the great Zakk Wylde on guitar, laying it down with power and precision. Zakk is such an iconic guitar player, and it was more than a treat to be able to see him work his magic onstage like that. His solo piece included excerpts from Pantera’s “Walk” and a couple other songs. The band was excellent, very tight and nailed the performance without any technical issues. Highlight of the night for me was a performance of “Road to Nowhere,” it’s the perfect combo of rock, melody and sentimentality. Witnessing Ozzy perform that will always be ingrained in my memory. The only weak aspects to the show concerned the show length and the quality of Ozzy’s vocals. The set itself was a mere 80 minutes. I initially thought the Bakersfield crowd got screwed because it was a “scratch” gig, a warm-up in a secondary market with reduced production. And I kick myself for assuming that, but that wasn’t the case. We received the standard set that other cities experienced, save for one or two songs. And Ozzy’s vocals, I suppose that’s to be expected, the man was approaching 60 and still working his ass off as a veteran touring act, harmonizer or not. All in all, this was a great combo package and worth the ticket price. It’s rare for this area to host such quality, international acts like that. I hope they keep coming. Metal is sorely lacking in the Central Valley.

Ozzy’s set: (corrections may be needed)

I Don’t Wanna Stop
Crazy Train
Suicide Solution
Mr. Crowley
Not Going Away
Road to Nowhere
Fire in the Sky
Bark at the Moon
Guitar Solo
I Don’t Know
Here for You
I Don’t Want to Change the World
Mama, I’m Coming Home


Photos taken by fans the night of 11/26/07, Bakersfield Rabobank Arena