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Los Lonely Boys @ The Majestic Fox, Bakersfield CA 08/04/10

We treated my dad to this show for his birthday. He’s always liked Chicano rock like Jorge and Carlos Santana, Malo, and Tierra and this newer group has that same spirit. Fourth row, orchestra section. My dad and the rest of us had a blast. It was beyond cool watching the Garcia brothers at work and up close, REALLY up close. This was a chilled show, more mature crowd, family vibe. The audience stayed seated for the most part but people were clearly into it. The Majestic Fox is a cool little venue, probably 2000 seater. Local act The Delgado Brothers opened and performed some tasty afro-cuban jams.

For those who aren’t familiar with Los Lonely Boys, they do blend of Tex-Mex rock with a dash of afro-cuban flavoring…with Beatlesque 3-part vocal harmonies. Think Santana meets Stevie Ray Vaughan, meets The Beatles. They tour on their own strength and have opened for Willie Nelson and Lynyrd Skynyrd. That’s right…Skynyrd. The Garcias are wizards at their respective instruments, jam-masters. I don’t understand how they can be kick-butt musicians AND sing challenging, sweet vocals like they do, each one of them taking turns with lead vocals throughout the show. Henry Garica on guitar is like Stevie Ray reincarnated – precision, passion and soul..while singing lead. And Jojo Garcia on bass is like watching a lead guitar player, his fingers were flying. What blew me away as a drummer was watching R. Garcia play his drum parts with his right hand, while the left hand pounded out a rhythm on a conga drum. I so have to try that. Awesome live band, but my only complaint is that their material sounds too similar. It’s a formula that works, but it can get tiring listening to that type of music for 90 minutes straight (plus their improvised mini jams in between songs), unless you’re a die hard of course. Still a quality act and very good concert experience.

1. Heart Won’t Tell a Lie
2. Roses
3. Nobody’s Fool
4. Senorita
5. Hollywood w/extended guitar intro
6. My Way
7. Nobody Else
8. Friday Night
9. My Loneliness
10. Velvet Sky w/improv intro
11. Superman
12. Staying With Me
13. Oye’ Mamacita w/improv intro
14. Forgiven
15. Crazy Dream
17. Man To Beat w/improv intro
18. Heaven
19. Rockpango

We had to leave early and missed the last two songs. Later found out they were Heaven (their biggest single) and Rockpango. I was itching to hear “Onda” – now that’s a killer latin instrumental jam.