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Kevin Hart @ Save Mart Center, Fresno CA 10/28/15

This was our second time seeing Kevin Hart perform and the first time in an arena setting.  A group of us got in on the Livenation presale and purchased low level seats, third row, near the end of the arena. A tip for people buying more than 4 seats: Most presales have a limit of 4 tickets per order. I was able to use a combination of the Livenation AND venue presales, that way we were able to purchase 5 tickets instead of 4, and the seats were together. I made sure to indicate that I wanted the same price and section, I think that’s how we were afforded 5 seats together and not split apart. I’m betting the soulless scalpers and ticket brokers already use that method to buy a shit-ton of tickets before they go on sale to the general public. Three very good openers warmed up the show, all part of the Plastic Cup Boyz, including the very funny Joey Wells, Spank Horton, and Na’im Lynn. After a brief wait, Kevin came up next to a very loud and receptive applause.

Kevin Hart is one of the greatest story tellers out there. His act revolves around these ridiculous but hilarious life events. His previous routines have involved his family life, personal relationships, experiences in show business, etc. So while he doesn’t have a repertoire of jokes per se, he has a set full of original stories, and his outlandish story telling, delivery and use of recurring characters (his dad, uncle Richie Jr.) propel the show into side-splitting hilarity. He takes his time in setting the story up but there is no lull, no downtime. Kev’s routine just keeps going and it’s amazing that he keeps coming up with new stories, new material. The tour is called “What Now?” As in, well, what now, Kevin? What are you going to do and say next?” Props to Kevin for coming up with an hour of original material that easily stands next to the older material from past tours and TV specials. And in efforts of keeping the material fresh and preventing leaks, there is a tour policy of no phones for video or pictures, anyone caught using a device will be escorted out of the venue, a policy he’s enforced on previous tours. And wouldn’t you know it, several people were ejected with no refunds. Put the phones and cameras away, enjoy the moment. But one live picture would have been nice 🙂

This material was unique. It included bits about Kevin’s new home life, how private school is f*cking up his kids, Kevin’s fear of the dark, the lady with one shoulder, his dad and his lady friend coming to live with him for a bit, his daughter becoming the master of hide and seek, oh and the raccoon problem. Not raccoons, but raccoon (singular). The raccoon was the recurring character for this routine. Evidently there’s a raccoon that taunts Kevin. It points at Kevin, motions “BLAM BLAM” as if it’s shooting a gun (keep in mind it has no thumbs), grabs its d*ck, then runs off into the darkness. All of this sounds more hilarious live of course. Kevin is now tied with Fluffy (Gabriel Iglesias) for my favorite comedian. Awesomely funny show.


Kevin Hart @ Rabobank Theater, Bakersfield CA 08/12/12

We had the good fortune of catching Kevin Hart’s “Let Me Explain” tour at Bakersfield’s Rabobank Theater. The openers were very good, three in all, and their material alone will make you laugh hysterically. Kevin came onstage with a production that included pyrotechnics. He mentioned how he had seen Kanye West and Jay-Z perform and they had fire in their show. He said “now that I’ve made it, you will now see moments of pointless fire!” He snapped his fingers and 4 giant flames erupted from the stage. Whenever Kevin was on a roll and got the crowd going, he would yell “I’m slayin ‘em, drop some fire on this b*tch!” and the flames would go up again – pointless but awesome. Hart is a great story teller, great at delivery. His routine included quite a bit of material about his ex-wife and what led to Hart’s divorce. You’ll never hear impressions or sound effects, but his act doesn’t need it. There was a strict no phones/no cameras policy. Some people were escorted out of the theater for this offense. Hart didn’t want anyone taping the show and leaking the material online, as it is all new material. I don’t believe the man ever recycles his material. Plus they were filming segments of each show for an upcoming DVD, pretty cool. You might be interested to know, the Rabobank Theater is one of the few venues where you can specify your row and seat. We got these great aisle seats in the back of the floor section – no one was behind us (save for a few handicap accessible seats) and we were able to make a quick exit. Awesome comedian. In fact I consider Hart to be one of those upper echelon type comedians, so worth the $45 admission, and more.