This blog is my little way of documenting the concerts I’ve attended since 1998. I’m always searching the net and printed publications for descriptive, detailed reviews of my favorite artists and their live shows. Or I’m looking for any information on good music acts that I’m somewhat curious about. Unfortunately, most reviews fall short and are either too bland, uninformative or they’re too fan driven. Reviews should spark interest or at least give you enough information so you can decide for yourself if you’d like to pay your hard earned money to see an act. So why not do my own reviews, the way I think they should be written: detailed and constructive, with maybe just a hint of fan-boy hero worship :)  At any rate, on this little corner of the web I get to stretch my creative muscles and hopefully I can transport you to that concert, that moment in time. By the way, this blog is best viewed in desktop mode, as you’ll be able to see the sidebar categories that list all the different groups reviewed.

  1. Darrell Curtis

    Your goal with this blog is noteworthy and I encourage you to make your mark!

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