Rush @ The Coors Amphitheatre, Chula Vista CA 07/07/04

The Venue
The Coors Amphitheatre (now the Cricket Wireless) is pristine, even though it’s in the middle of nowhere, nestled in between open fields to the North and East, craggy cliffs topped with million dollar homes to the South, and fledgling housing developments to the West for the working stiffs…which incidently made me think of the urban sprawl depicted in “Subdivisions.” The venue itself reminded me of The Greek Theatre in Los Angeles: classy, spotless and very well maintained. I had a cheap lawn ticket and nestled myself halfway back, center/right of the stage with a perfect view. I was a good distance away from the rest of the lawn ticket holders, basically so I could have an uninterrupted viewing/listening experience…and well, to keep the more boisterous fans from being picked up by my mic.

The Show

The show was great! But I don’t think I’ll ever get lawn tickets again, I felt detached, too far away from the action. I guess it was too similar to watching the Rush in Rio DVD, I was an observer, rather than a participant. I really missed being “in there” with the rest of the die-hards, especially those in the orchestra/pit section who were pumping their fists the whole time. The crowd was VERY into it. I would say they were more vocal than the Irvine crowd. The band played effortlessly. There were no mess ups or glitches, no flubs or anything of that nature. Rush is like a machine, playing songs faithfully, and at times better, than the recordings on CD. And it was great hearing songs that weren’t previously featured on the Vapor Trails Tour, like “Red Barchetta,” “Subdivisions,” “Mystic Rhythms” and “Between the Wheels.” The cover songs were cool and I get the significance of their inclusion, but like any other selfish Rush fanatic, I just wish that playing time was allotted for more Rush songs…even though the show clocked in close to 3 hours. We were being spoiled, that’s for sure. And I can’t imagine the dexterity and stamina needed to play those challenging songs for that amount of time, and at their age? WOW. Coolest moment of the night, aside from the Jerry Stiller opening video, had to be the opening medley. And the moment the riff to “Bangkok” was played, the crowd let out this collective roar. It was a like a huge, deep and throaty “YEEAAHHH!!!” Absolutely hair-raising. And seriously, do we really need to keep hearing “Roll the Bones?” Great intro music was played before the show began. It was especially cool to hear dredg’s “18 People Living In Harmony.”

SET 1:
1. Classics Medley (Finding My Way/Anthem/Bastille Day/A Passage to Bangkok/Cyguns X-1/Hemispheres Prologue
2. Spirit of Radio
3. Force Ten
4. Animate
5. Subdivisions
6. Earthshine
7. Red Barchetta (I forgot to breathe when I recognized the opening notes )
8. Roll the Bones
9. Bravado
10. YYZ
11. The Trees w/a snippet of “Day Tripper” (Beatles)
12. The Seeker (The Who)
13. One Little Victory

SET 2:
1. Tom Sawyer
2. Dreamline
3. Secret Touch
4. Between the Wheels
5. Mystic Rhythms
6. Red Sector A
7. Drum Solo w/ “One O’ Clock Jump” (Count Basie)
8. Resist
9. Heart Full of Soul (Yardbirds)
10. 2112 Overture/Temples of Syrinx/Grand Finale
11. La Villa Strangiato w/ “Pirates” rant
12. Xanadu
13. Working Man

14. Summertime Blues
15. Crossroads
16. Limelight

Oh ya, I forgot to mention that a couple was thrown out of the Chula Vista gig for fucking in the lawn area…ya, that’s right…that’s what I said…FUCKING in the lawn area during “Between The Wheels,” what an appropriate song choice, right?. And they were about 50 feet away from me too! I saw two dark figures with flashlights in my periperal vision. They were PD, they forcused their attention on this tangled mass, illuminating them with their maglites. That was a sight hehe. Ahh the concert experience.



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