Alice In Chains @ The Warfield, San Francisco CA 11/26/06

Holy crap, this was without a doubt THEE AIC gig to go to. Not only did they extend the set by a couple songs but the almighty James Hetfield was invited to play on “Would?” and provide backing vocals, along with the patented Hetfield “yaaaaahhhh!”The place went apeshit. It was beyond awesome. The show itself was flawless. I’m amazed that the tickets were so affordable. It was a bitch making the 3.5 hour drive, but well worth it. Jerry looked like a scrawny version of Zakk Wylde onstage, Les Paul near his knees, long scraggly blonde hair and a thick beard. His playing was impeccable. Mike played his ass off and moved around the stage as if possessed. Sean played ferociously yet elegantly. Damn those DWs sound awesome, especially his snare. And I think he’s still using Sabians hehehe. Very tight drumming with that Sean Kinney finesse.

If there were any doubters of William DuVall, I think they were sold on “Rain When I Die.” ‘I think its gonna raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaain’ Damn can he soar, as did most of the crowd on that one. The mix and acoustics were better than average, but I found it very difficult to discern what the hell William and Jerry were singing. I guess something always has to suffer in a live situation. The “Living Room” set was very cool, an intimate transformation into an acoustic set reminiscent of the MTV Unplugged video, with the icing on the cake being “Down in a Hole” which has been played sporadically during the tour. Very special indeed. Guys, it was otherworldly to hear William sing on that tune. Ok, so luckily William is not trying to sound like a Layne Staley copycat. William has his own thing going on: gritty and throaty, and very rock n’ roll. But during the chorus of “Down In a Hole” it was as if something supernatural had occurred, vocally. At the end of the “but my wings have been sooooo deniiiiiiiiied” section, William was able to pull off that ghostly, tortured sounding Layne Staley vibrato, and he held the ‘denied’ part and transported me somewhere. The hairs on my body stood on end, and the crowd went freakin’ crazy! They must have felt it too, and their eyes must have bugged out of theirs sockets as well. It was one magic moment out of an entire set when I thought I heard Staley’s voice come alive. I took my girlie along for this one (as I swore I’d never drag her along to another metal/prog show again – since this isn’t exactly her kind of music) but I guess I’ll never learn. Very memorable gig. Let’s thank the metal Gods for the resurrection of AIC.

Bleed the Freak
Ain’t Like That
Them Bones
Dam That River
Rain When I Die
Layne Tribute Video
The “Living Room” Acoustic Set
Don’t Follow
No Excuses
Killer Is Me
Got Me Wrong
Down in a Hole
Sludge Factory
Angry Chair
We Die Young
Man In the Box
Would? w/ James Hetfield on guitar & guest vox \m/\m/


A shot of James Hetfield’s car parked outside of the Warfield



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