Daughtry & Lifehouse @ The Save Mart Center, Fresno CA 04/26/10

Very cool show, three quality acts on the same bill (Cavo/Lifehouse/Daughtry), very affordable and in an intimate venue. It was a night of enjoyable, melodic, feel good arena rock. I’m still becoming familiar with Daughtry’s new songs, but they’re very accessible and great sing-along anthems. Daughtry’s vocals were fairly strong but there were occasions when he couldn’t hold some of those notes. Show became stronger with each song performed. Daughtry’s vocals had a power to them that outdid his performances on record. Somehow Daughtry’s music comes across more powerfully in a live situation. There are times on record when his vocals can seem tame and uncompelling but in concert he goes for it with full power. I didn’t know this, but Daughtry’s bass player, Josh Paul, is a resident of Clovis. The show was very much like a homecoming to JP. Relating to that, Daughtry’s new disc, Leave This Town, deals heavily with “small town” themes. Chris said something like “this record has a lot to do with me coming from a small town…you guys know anything about that?” We responded with a roar. The cover songs were very interesting, the crowd got into it. And yes, Daughtry’s drummer Ralph Diaz played the drum break during In the Air Tonight.

Best moment of the night: Home adorned by a brief but lovely version of Lifehouse’s You and Me. Home isn’t my favorite Daughtry track, but what made this version magical was when Jason Wade from Lifehouse stepped onstage and joined Chris in a duet. To mine and the crowd’s delight, Chris changed up the chord structure and Home segued into Lifehouse’s ultimate wedding song, You and Me. The crowd responded greatly after Jason closed the chorus with the “and it’s you and me and all of the people, and I don’t know why I can’t take my eyes off of you” part – you just knew a bunch of women (and probably a few guys) were misty eyed after that, then Chris brought the song back into the next verse of Home. Perfect “WOW” moment.

there’s probably a few errors in song order but here goes…

Daughtry’s Set
Intro: Danny Elfman’s Batman Theme
Everytime You Turn Around
What I Want
Ghost of Me
No Surprise
Life After You
It’s Not Over
Learn My Lesson
In The Air Tonight (Phil Collins cover)
Over You
Feels Like Tonight
You Don’t Belong

Rebel Yell (Billy Idol cover)
Home/You and Me (with Jason Wade of Lifehouse)
Call Your Name
There And Back Again

Lifehouse’s Set
All In
Halfway Gone
Nerve Damage
Smoke and Mirrors
Whatever It Takes
Wrecking Ball
It Is What It Is
First Time
Hanging By A Moment

Some would consider it an injustice that Lifehouse played a mere 40-45 minutes. Wifey thought Lifehouse should have headlined tonight, and rightly so as they’ve been active since 2000 and have their share of mainstream rock hits. We need to see these guys headline on their own strength. There was an immense amount of support for Lifehouse, you could tell it was a crowd with mutual support and love for both acts.


Taken the night of 4/26 in Fresno and submitted to Pollstar


Jason Wade of Lifehouse, taken by a fan on 4/26, Fresno


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