Muse @ The Staples Center, Los Angeles CA 09/25/10

Second time this year seeing Muse and it was better than the first time and this time I got to go with my lovely gal. Sound was better and the LA crowd was energized. LA crowds are stereotyped as hard to impress and hard to excite, but this was noticeably different. One should be there to have a good time, not to look cool, ya know? Very enjoyable show and it was great change seeing the stage from the front, rather than the side of the arena. I didn’t realize how big the venue was until sitting at the lower level. This was the first time ever that we scored low level seats at Staples Center. Wifey and I got to see Depeche Mode and U2 there as well and we always seem to get stuck in the nose bleeds, but not this time! They included a couple newer songs in the set, the track from the Twilight series and a mellower song from the Resistance CD that I like. Very talented group.

Coolest Moments: Seeing the big guy next to me go crazy when the funky Supermassive Black Hole was played, and hearing Undisclosed Desires and Starlight back to back. Those songs are blissful..

Newborn + Head Up
Supermassive Black Hole
Neutron Star Collision
Hysteria + Star Spangled Banner/Back In Black
United States of Eurasia
Feeling Good (Nina Simone cover)
Ruled By Secrecy
Bass n’ Drums Jam
Undisclosed Desire
Unnatural Selection
Plug In Baby
Time is Running Out + House of the Rising Sun
Stockholm Syndrome
Knights of Cydonia

The following photos from this gig were taken by ConcertConfessions and Losanjealous.




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