Muse @ The Oracle Arena, Oakland CA 04/14/10

Muse is one of my favorite newer bands, and becoming more popular but still have that “big cult band” status, sort of like RUSH. I like Muse because they offer something different, something more avant garde but not pompous or pretentious. Their music is very theatrical, artistic and challenging. Their sound makes me think of Queen, Radiohead and U2. Their music isn’t meant to be mainstream, however they’re rapidly approaching that level of stardom.

The Oracle Arena was the perfect venue, it’s smaller than the likes of Staples Center and most other arenas. alumnus dbfield and I had seats in the upper tier, stage left, but still felt very close to the action. The lighting/stage production was PHENOMENAL. These guys dropped some serious money into the stage production: the light effects, lazers, video projection, the frickin video sky scrapers/platforms and video cubes…wow. The production alone was worth the ticket price, the band was icing on the cake. Singer/guitarist Mathew Bellamy is one heck of a performer. He’s practically a modern day Chopin, a virtuoso on guitar, piano, AND vocals! (while bouncing around haha) The band itself was very professional, never missing any cues, locked in sync, and fluidly moving from one song to the next. While these guys are very proficient musicians, there’s no rigidity to their playing, very soulful and natural. The band played close to 2 hours. The Norcal crowd was very into it, singing along to many songs. the GA crowd was jumping. In fact once the preshow music died down, the entire GA section who were seated at the time, rose together and plowed to the very front, moving like a human wave, this mass of bodies ebbing and flowing toward the front, slamming against the barrier. The kid next to me said what I was thinking — “FUCK. THAT.” Suddenly our upper tier seats became all the more attractive. The new songs were very well received, especially Undisclosed Desires.

Complaints about the show are limited to muddy sound mix (LOTS of low end) and that awful smell in the upper tier. I swear it was like a men’s locker room up there.

Coolest moment: Hearing the band drop snippets of Zeppelin, Hendrix, Aerosmith and Pink Floyd throughout the show.

Map of the Problematique
Supermassive Black Hole
MK Ultra
United States of Eurasia
Feeling Good
The Helsinki Jam (drums and bass duet)
Undisclosed Desires
Unnatural Selection
Time Is Running Out
Plug In Baby

Exogenesis Symphony, Part I
Stockholm Syndrome
Knights of Cydonia

I can’t completely remember where the snippets popped up, but the band played sections of Zeppelin’s Heartbreaker, Aerosmith’s Sweet Emotion, I think there was a Pink Floyd riff played as well. Very frickin cool.

The following photos were taken and posted by fans on various fan-sites.




my hunnie’s concert shirt 🙂


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