30 Seconds To Mars @ The Greek Theatre, Hollywood CA 05/17/10

These guys are more wifey’s band than mine, but loving them now. Only 3 songs from A Beautiful Lie were played, not including an abridged version of The Story. About the new album This Is War, If you’re not familiar with the new stuff then you might find this show frustrating and hard to get into. Even so, all the new songs were very well received and the crowd stayed on its feet the entire show, however it was a little too quiet for a rock concert. I think much of the crowd was still unfamiliar with the lyrics and sing along sections (which the new album is full of). When I can hear myself above everyone else, then there’s a bit of a problem, because my singing sucks! As for the new album, I freakin’ LOVE it! I’ve been waiting a long time for these guys to release the follow up to A Beautiful Lie. Almost 5 years later and it’s been well worth the wait. The new songs are anthemic, catchy and can stand up to the songs on the previous album. It would have been awesome to see the group perform the entire new album in concert and surprise everyone, but this was not to be. A generous portion of This Is War was showcased, leaving little room for older gems.

As a front man, Jared Leto is very energetic, charismatic and gets the audience involved. He said “my mission in life is to make sure you have the most memorable, beautiful night of your life and that you all go crazy!” The audience was led in a screaming match, left versus right side of the venue. We were also given instructions on a few songs, i.e. everyone jump during this chorus, everyone scream ‘No No No No!’ on that chorus, etc. Leto moved to the center of the venue for the acoustic numbers. He then risked life and limb (and his genitals too) by diving into the pit during The Kill, even running up and down the orchestra section for another song. Very energetic show and tons of fun.

The group played very well, but Leto is focused more on providing an impassioned performance, rather than technical consistency. I say that because a quarter of the vocals were omitted. It seemed like Leto focused more on his guitar playing and running around the stage, leaving much of the lyrics out. But when he did sing he was spot on. On record, Leto’s vocals are very powerful and passionate, with sweet and acidic qualities to it. He’s a crooner AND a screamer, singing like a bird one moment and roaring like a lion another.

Night of the Hunter
Vox Populi
From Yesterday
Search and Destroy
100 Suns
This Is War
The Story (shortened version)
Bad Romance (Lady Gaga Cover)
The Kill
Closer to the Edge
Hurricane (shortened version)
Kings and Queens

Best moment: During the acoustic section, Leto asked “any requests?” You could hear people screaming for A Beautiful Lie, The Kill and Kings & Queens. I was yelling my head off for The Story…and what does he play? Man, I was beaming

Worst moment: hearing myself sing

Biggest “what the heck?” moment: cover of Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance

Great value for $35 considering it was a group of this caliber in a small venue. The Greek is an outdoor 6000 seater, but I think something indoors like The Gibson or even a smaller club like The Avalon or the Palladium would be more appropriate. My biggest gripe is that the band played for 80 minutes or so, granted there were 3 opening acts. The Greek has a cerfew policy, show ends at 11pm or else. Leto even apologized for the short set, explaining that they would perform into the encore without a break. Wifey and I had a blast, but would love for these guys to play longer and include more older material. If I had my way, I would have these guys perform ALL of This Is War and A Beautiful Lie back to back! Now that would be so metal…

photos from the Greek Theatre gig provided by Jenae, no copyright infringement intended



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