Coldplay @ Cox Arena, San Diego CA 06/03/03

Wowee…my girlie and I had one of the most uplifting concert experiences ever, It was beyond belief really, we along with the other 15,000 or so people were caught in this hypnotic sensation the whole night. These guys were just as good as U2 during the Elevation Tour, and that’ s saying a lot. Coldplay made the Cox Arena in San Diego feel like a living room. The crowd hung on to every word and to every note. The song selection was awesome, even though they left out some key tracks like ” Shiver,” ” Green Eyes,” and ” Warning Sign” in favor of obscure B sides and a new song called ” Moses” (which was sweet by the way). Martin’ s vocals were right on, rarely straying from the original vocal melodies, but embellishing the lyrics here and there with some improv work. The only complaint I have about the performance was the extensive use of sustain on piano which was especially evident on ” Clocks.” Still an awesome performance.

The light & lazer show complimented the concert well, adding some dream like imagery to the performance. There was no need for outlandish special effects or stage props. The music spoke for itself and left everyone awestruck. Chris Martin was very energetic, dancing and bouncing around, even rockin’ out on the upright piano. The entire set was great, it was entertaining and satisfying. Highlights included the surprising but appropriate inclusion of Louis Armstrong’ s ” What a Wonderful World.” Other highlights included the collective sing-along to ” All’ s Not Lost” and ” The Scientist,” the breathtaking ” Trouble,” which prompted a collective gasp from the audience when Martin introduced the song by playing the opening piano lines, and the showstopping ” Amsterdam” performed with the house lights on, ala U2 during the LoveTown and Elevation tours. This sounds corny, but I walked away from the arena feeling cleansed, feeling like I have so much to look forward to tomorrow. Their music is anthemic brit pop, uplifting feel-good music. I thank this band for creating moving music, something that’ s becoming harder to find in today’ s music market. Earnestness and tenderness can still go a long way.

God Put A Smile Upon Your Face
Rush of Blood to the Head
One I Love
Don’ t Panic
Everything’ s Not Lost
What a Wonderful World
The Scientist

In My Place


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