Queensryche @ Universal Amphitheater, Universal City CA 02/19/05

Hits Through The Years + Operation MindCrime (full stage production)

Set 1:
We recieved the same set as San Diego minus Lady Wore Black. It was short but it was still a good set with a lot of positive energy from the crowd. The ENTIRE crowd stood up from The Whisper and remained standing, even up to Silent Lucidity. The one-two punch of Empire & Another Rainy Night really got the crowd pumped up, screaming their lungs out and filling in on the choruses. Open was well received and followed by a rousing version of Take Hold of the Flame which saw the entire house with raised fists, filling in triumphantly on the “TAKE – HOLD!” sections. The place went ape-shit every time Tate successfully hit the nut-squeezing notes. Tate wasn’t perfect, but pretty damn near it that night and the crowd gave him a lot of energy to work off of.

When the Rain Comes was a very nice breather, preceeded by a cool little intro by Geoff, referring to Seattle and the high suicide rate. I was never a big fan of the studio version, but I really grew to appreciate this song after hearing it live. Very nicely done. Eddie’s rumbling bass intro to Jet City Woman got the crowd’s full attention and it was cool to see Mike Stone handling some of the leads. Last Time in Paris received great crowd participation, with Geoff even getting the front row (specifically) to fill in on the choruses. A lovely version of Silent Lucidity was preceeded by another intro by Geoff. He asked if there were any parents in the house, and a good 80% of the hands went up. Geoff praised the parents and introduced the next song as a “song about challenges for a parent, about explaining the unexplainable.” A live string section accompanied the band in a very nice closer to set 1.

The Whisper
Another Rainy Night (Without You)
Take Hold of the Flame
When the Rain Comes
Jet City Woman
Last Time in Paris
Silent Lucidity

Set 2:
I was completely enthralled! This was my first QR show, and it was a hell of a way to experience them for the first time. I couldn’t take my eyes off of what was happening, and it looked like the majority of the house was eating it up like I was. It was truly performance-rock. The theatrical portions of the show were a perfect companion to the music. The songs of Operation MindCrime were presented well and I didn’t mind the altered/new arrangements. The acting was never over the top, and it was cool to see it flesh out the animated/video portions…very cool. My recording came out rather nicely (well better than I expected ) and I’m rockin’ out to it as I type this up. Eyes of a Stranger is playing, and it’s surreal reliving the moment, especially the:
Tate: “Why am I here?”
Audience: “and FOR – HOW – LONG!”

I Remember Now
Revolution Calling
Operation: Mindcrime
Spreading the Disease
The Mission
Suite Sister Mary
The Needle Lies
Electric Requiem
Breaking the Silence
I Don’t Believe in Love
Waiting for 22
My Empty Room
Eyes of a Stranger


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