Bryan Adams @ The Hanford Fox, Hanford CA 04/11/11

I got a last minute invite to this concert from “La Dianne” and her brother and what a treat it was. We arrived at the Theater with time to spare, had a couple drinks and enjoyed some good conversation. We swapped concert stories and eagerly awaited Adams to take the stage. Again, I wore a Morrissey T-shirt and got a compliment from one of the event staff. The lady behind me asked “what shirt are you wearing???”

It was a lovely little show, with Bryan Adams on acoustic guitar and Gary Breit on piano. The Bare Bones Tour was just that, stripped down and basic, but pure and beautiful. Adams said “I don’t know if you all got the memo, but THIS is the band” as he pointed over to a smiling Gary Breit. “There’s no drum risers, and nothing’s comin’ down from ceiling that’s for sure.” Adams played through 30 years of music, spanning his entire career, with all of the material translating amazingly well to piano and a lone acoustic guitar. The rockin’ numbers still rocked, and new life was breathed into the slower songs. I was impressed how these two musicians altered the arrangements and flipped the songs on their heads.

It was a festive and informal show. Adams was very talkative, told stories and even took some playful jabs at members of the audience. It’s the kind of show I wish I could have taped, not only because of the performance but also because of the crowd interaction. There was a young asian guy a few seats down, he brought his girlfriend along. He was singing his heart out, it was cool to see someone as into it as he was, and he could carry a tune too 🙂 Adams told some great stories, including an episode with a motel clerk (‘Hey man…are you thee Bryan Adams? I saw you with Journey!’), as well as the story of the fan that continually called out for “Do I Have To Say The Words,” only to have Adams personally give her the heartbreaking news that it wouldn’t be played – and she walked out! So just in case she came back, Adams and Breit performed a lovely version of the song, the piano practically singing that opening melody. The music was tender and melodic. There was no opening act and Adams gave us a generous 2 hours+ of music. I remembered most of the set but I’m pretty sure there were 2 or 3 other songs included toward the end of the show.

Interesting little side note. Some days later I was working, conducting some contact visits out in a rural area of Lemoore. I drove past a gentleman walking along the road. He was wearing a Journey/Bryan Adams tour shirt!

Run To You
How Do Ya Feel Tonight
Back To You
Here I Am
I’m Ready
Do I Have to Say the Words
Let’s Make a Night to Remember
Can’t Stop This Thing We Started
You’re Still Beautiful to Me
Heat of the Night
Not Romeo, Not Juliet
Everything I Do I Do it for You
Cuts Like a Knife
Into the Fire
Please Forgive Me
Summer of ’69
Walk On By
The Right Place
The Only Thing That Looks Good On Me is You
Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman
Straight From the Heart

Favorite wow moment – “Do I Have to Say the Words” and the night’s special request by the guy up front, “Into the Fire”.

photos by Izumi Kajita Koma and Clara Roy Minguillon


bam11838__P1120510a bam11838__gary bam6830__LiveFOX


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