Mana @ Save Mart Center, Fresno CA 09/16/07

I’ve been trying to catch Mana on the last few tours and something always got in the way: School, work, lack of cash, etc. So when I heard they’d be doing a Fresno date I jumped at the chance and ordered tickets right away, Mana is still one of those institutions of Latin rock that shouldn’t be missed, an act to see before you die. So my lady and I show up and I have rather low expectations. I figured the highlight of the night would be the merchandise, drinks, and being accompanied by my lovely, curvaceous woman. I’d read that Mana were playing a lot of slower, low key material and a lot of second tier songs, i.e. the songs you skip over on your Mana CDs. Additionally, the immortal “Oye Mi Amor” was being played sporadically on this tour, so I wasn’t expecting to experience it live. Fast forward 2 hours later….

Oh…EM..Geee. Mana put on one heck of a show and left me stunned. The presentation, performance, visuals, effects, vibe and audience were awesome. The crowd was LOUD, extremely vocal, knew the old stuff and even sang the newest material word for word. I’ve seen Jaguares and La Ley and I have to say that Mana out entertained them all. To top it off, it was Mexican Independence Day, making this night all the more magical. They were energetic, spirited, and played with conviction. You can tell when a band is going through the motions and playing because they’re expected to – like a human jukebox. Not this night. This band was on fire and it didn’t matter that they were playing a secondary market like Fresno. I’d wager that we received just as energetic of a show if not more so than Los Angeles, Sacramento or San Diego. Great experience, had fun and would see them again.

1) Dejame Entrar
2) Oye Mi Amor – Has only been played seldomly this tour!
3) Manda una Señal
4) Labios Compartidos
5) Vivir sin Aire – Reworked version with a new intro
6) Ojala Pudiera Borrarte
7) Donde Jugaran los Ninos – Darker feel, faster tempo, new outro and performed in costume, complete with masks, a dark stage and candles.
8) Cuando Los Angeles Lloran – With extended intro, ala the Unplugged CD. Sergio truly shines on this one. It showcases the right mix of politics, poetry, musicianship and emotion.
9) Tu Me Salvaste – Alex had lead vocal duties on this one. Becoming one of my favorites from the new disc.
10) Drum Solo del “Animal” – Alex impressed me with his showmanship. The rotating kit, cross sticking and “behind my back” sticking were especially cool.
11) Mariposa Traicionera – LOTS of sad drunks during this number. Complete with gritos.
12) Medley acustica: Eres mi Religion /Te Llore un Rio/El Reloj Cucu – A girl was pulled from the audience to join Sergio and Fher for an acoustic serenade. The girl at the El Paso gig was booed because she didn’t know the words to the songs. Haha
13) Corazon Espinado – Never been a fan of this song, but I have a newfound appreciation for it after hearing it live. Sergio even busted out a PRS guitar with a sunburst top, ala Carlos Santana. The signature Santana tone was dead on.
14) El Rey
15) Me Vale – It amazes me how Alex can sing and keep up with the upbeat rhythm.
16) No Ha Parado de Llover – with extended intro and a very cool rain effect. There was actually a curtain of water toward the front of the stage, pouring down a steady rain throughout the duration of the song. Images were projected onto it, serving as a dream like movie screen.
17) En el Muelle de san Blas – The rain screen was used again to augment the song with images of a woman waiting by the wharf. A moving, hair raising end to the main set.
18) Rayando el Sol – Played with a new intro.
19) Clavado en un Bar



One of the 2007 tour shirts


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